Whole-House Water Filtration Systems

Bring Healthy Drinking Water Into Your Home and Business

Ask about our whole-house water filtration system options in Augusta, ME and surrounding areas

There's nothing more frustrating than having tap water at your disposal but finding out it's not safe to drink. Stop worrying about contaminants in your water by installing a water filtration system from Aerus in Augusta, Maine. We have a wide range of systems for you to choose from, all of which treat the water as it enters your home and business. Finding the right whole-house water filtration system requires speaking with a professional. Call 207-622-0125 now for more information.

Choose from a variety of filtration systems

There are so many different Aerus filtration systems for you to choose from. If you're not sure where to start, one of our team members can help you understand the benefits of each system in-depth. Our whole-house water filtration system options include the...

  • HF500 - this chemical-free water filtration system oxidizes the water to remove contaminants.
  • HF400 - with fully adjustable cycles, you can program this system to backwash to your needs.
  • HF300 - this system does not require electricity for the valve or a drain to function.
  • HF200 - as an NSF-certified system, the HF200 meets high-quality standards for quality and safety.
  • SP200 - this combines two technologies for a compact water treatment system.
  • PSHF 500 - the PSHF 500 uses smart technology to create an efficient system for your home and business.
Want to install a water filtration system in your home or business? Contact us today to discuss your needs with a local expert.

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